Amy Diaz, LCPC

At times in our lives, we may be presented with challenges in which we may need professional assistance to assist in overcoming those challenges.


The first and perhaps the hardest step is asking for help. Choosing to see a therapist can be anxiety-provoking and I believe that it’s crucial to establish an objective and supportive working relationship with clients to help them achieve their goals.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy assists clients in understanding how thoughts and feelings influence behaviors and is a widely used evidence-based practice. Challenging and changing negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can change the view on internal and external stressors which can assist in achieving treatment goals and can increase life satisfaction.


Therapy is a working relationship. We will determine what goals you have. I will help you identify personal strengths and educate you on therapeutic tools and skills to use along with your strengths to help make those positive life changes.


  • Anxiety

  • Depression and other Mood Disorders

  • Grief and Loss 

  • Life Coaching

  • Personal and Family Relationships

  • Self-Injury

  • Substance Abuse

  • Trauma