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Energy Healing with Jasmine

Seeing how Reiki and Akashic Records have helped me, inspired me to become certified as a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader (Akashic healer) in an effort to help as many people heal as I can.


Reading other people’s Akashic Records, sharing the Reiki energy, and teaching yoga classes have given me a new path in life.

Enhance your healing with single or multiple sessions

Service Description

Yoga Group Classes

Yoga is a technique that balances the mind and body, through the use of stretching with different poses, in conjunction with meditation, and the control/ awareness of your breath and emotions.

Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. Our bodies are made up of many energy channels, the most notable forms are chakras and auras. Many illnesses that we face are from blocked energy channels. Reiki can tap into those energies and help them flow easier and it can assist your body in healing itself. Reiki can also help in enhancing love for oneself and others and

aid in the release of negative feelings/energies.

Enhance your healing with single or multiple sessions!


  • 30min- $50.00

  • 60min- $70.00

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are also known as “The Book of Life” There is only one Akashic Record or Book of Life for everyone. When I access your records, I am speaking directly to your Master's and Spirt Guides.  They speak through me, and this is how you are able to learn everything about your life. For example, you could find out if you have any pending karmic lessons, your soul contract, if you are on the right path for your soul, and most importantly the Akashic Records help you heal. Sometimes in life we just need to hear why something happened to move on from it, your Akashic records can help you do just that, among many, many other things. The Akashic records will never give you the information you are not ready to hear.



  • 60 min- $120




Physical: Increase muscle strength, reduce inflammation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, calms the vagus nerve, and increases blood flow


Mental: Releases healthy brain chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine), improves symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression, promotes cognition, and reduces stress


Increase blood flow, calm your mind and body, cleanse your energetic field, reduce depression and anxiety, improve energy flow,



Allowing for acceptance can help in the release of blocked energies and emotions.

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