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Healing with Portia

​Portia Watznauer, Master Level Reiki Practitioner and Owner of Healing with Portia created her practice with the intention to aid in the healing of others. Years of healing her own traumas and physical ailments led her to stumble across reiki healing and all of its benefits.


Reiki positively impacts mental, physical, and emotional health, and we all deserve a healthy fulfilled life.

Certified by Awakenings Holistic Wellness, her passion to heal and reignite others was set ablaze. The tradition in which she was trained and certified is The Ancient Japanese tradition, Usui Ryoho Reiki. Reiki means “universal life energy”.  


The “Healing with Portia” experience is a blend of ancient holistic healing techniques and unifying guidance to realign, relax, and reconnect with your optimal health and wellness.  

Working with energy points and meridians in the body, reiki clears stagnant energy, aids in physical healing, allows the mind and body to release stubborn thoughts, emotions, and pains, as well as encourages mental clarity. Her personalized practice integrates energy healing, coaching, and follow-up support. Using her expertise and background, Portia’s goal is always to make the healing process as graceful and supported as possible. 

Sessions are available in person at our Libertyville location, or virtually.

Service Description

Anyone can benefit from Reiki. Experience the remarkable benefits of Reiki Therapy.

​As with any regimen, always consult with your doctor first. It is important to start out slowly, drink enough water to stay hydrated,  take a good multivitamin and multi-mineral, and wash off any sweat after the session to prevent toxins from being re-absorbed.

Support your health with single or multiple sessions.

30-minutes | $50.00

60-minutes | $70.00


  • Reduce Depression & Anxiety

  • Enable Emotional Clarity & Spiritual Growth

  • Use Reiki as a Self-Care Tool

  • Ease Pain

  • Increase White Blood Cell Production

  • Boost Intuition and Creativity

  • Calm your Mind

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